Ultra Clear

Glass windows taken to another level


Ultra-Clear Glass is a remarkable type of low iron product that reduces the amount of greenish tint that most common glass often shows. By withdrawing a high percentage of iron and minerals from the sand using large electro-magnets before the commencement of the float process we are able to achieve the product of Ultra-Clear Glass which takes on a whole new meaning of clear. Low iron glass is best suited for a background that is white or bright colors and there is a fair amount of daylight present. even high intensity light or LED lighting emphasis the value of Ultra-Clear Glass.

LEAVE THE Green to the SWFL Golfers

To most average consumer, “clear glass” is “clear glass” as we see through glass not at it. But unfortunately, that is the farthest thing from the truth. There are many key components that distinguish one type of clear glass from another. Environmental elements that contribute to the clarity of glass are things like: location of the sand (largest single ingredient) when being cultivated, how much iron content is in the sand, and at what speed and temperature the float glass was made as it undergoes the float process.

With glass sizes and dimensions becoming thicker, the amount of iron increases and the amount of green color expands. To some customers, this is extremely important as some of the shower are constructed with a light tone tile to add elegance and detail to your space, and the green tint becomes very evident and casts a greenish tint which reduces the tile tones. With our Low Iron Ultra-clear glass, greatly reducing the greenish content this type of glass has become a top choice for our interior designers and contractors.

Ameriglass Industries  offers clear and Ultra-Clear (low iron) glass in 3/8”  and 1/2” thickness of heavy glass.